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Healthy Holidays are Happy Holidays


Healthy Holidays are Happy Holidays


The parties have already started; cookies, sweets, eggnog, and hard winter drinks. They all make for Happy Holidays. Right?

Well, not really. Do you enjoy the morning after? The great depths of the lows after the sugar high? The sluggishness of late nights and heartburn of heavy foods? Is this really fun?

The holidays are not an easy time of year. Ghosts of Christmas past, memories of happy times with friends and family who have passed, money worries, and the dread of dinner with Uncle Fred, last minute shopping hassles, and office politics in the spiked punch all contribute to holiday stress.

The Holidays are a high stress time.  So why not make it easy on yourself and your loved ones. Advanced Surgical Associates offers these tips:

Holiday Stress Reduction Rx:

  1. Drink plenty of water and spend 20 minutes every day doing something soothing and fun.
  2. Max out on veggies and vegetarian fare. Stay away from a lot of fat, cream, and eggs.
  3. Bring fruit to share instead of cookies. Stay away from deep fried snacks. Celebrate with moderate portions of lighter fare.
  4. Before you drink wine or spirits have a large glass of water and a snack. Limit yourself to one drink or none at all. You’ll have more fun and so will the others around you.
  5. Office parties require all your evolutionary tricks for surviving the jungle. Keep on your toes and watch the booze.
  6. If you feel down or lost, maybe just tired, do something happy with someone who is fun.
  7. Mind your manners. Remind yourself to treat yourself and others more formally with respect. By making occasions more formal, certain topics and behaviors are off limits. Do this and you will find how much you share with others. You are the adult; set the rules and be the model.
  8. Go for walks with your loved ones. No lectures, no harangues, suspend judgment and listen.
  9. Stuck inside? Do your stretches and calisthentics. Walk Grandma around the mall.
  10. Focus on playing sports in the snow or sun.  Keep moving and have fun. Don’t forget the sun block.


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